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Meaning Of Life? 22.10.2011
Day 1: Hold On To Your Bags (Until TSA Lady Says Otherwise) 16.11.2011
Tastings: Literally 18.11.2011
Patagonia Day 1: Penguins, Australians & The Police Station 21.11.2011
"It won´t happen to us" - went wrong: Patagonia´s Wilderness 29.11.2011
Fin Del Mundo 04.12.2011
Argentina Presents: ¨25-Hour Bus Ride¨ 08.12.2011
Gastronomical Galore: Take II 11.12.2011
La Femme Horselfly Killer: Tales Of My 1st Solo 4-Day Hike 15.12.2011
Life Is Not A Competition 25.12.2011
¨El Potito¨ A La Volcano 08.01.2012
White Man´s Burden 13.01.2012
Altitude, Attitude and Aconcagua 26.01.2012
La Cumbrecita 09.02.2012
Iguazu Falls 16.02.2012
Alone ... In A Sea Of People 02.03.2012
Sleepless in ... Buenos Aires: Tango´s Waking World 24.03.2012
Silence Of The Llamas: Bolivia 21.04.2012
Whas Was Your Big Dream? 28.04.2012
Romantic Encounters On Isla Del Sol 04.05.2012
DON'T MOVE 28.05.2012