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Don't move!
Don't move them there!
Images, feelings, people that were your present, so close, so real.
Don't move them into memory.
Don't want them to become fragments, short stories to tell with a smile.

I met lots of people, made our stories in the last six months.
But somehow, knowing that tomorrow, or in next two days maximum, more adventures are coming, kept these experiences in the present, close, reachable.

That's the magic of travel, the sweet addiction that is lost in the routine of home.
The absolute guaranty that if nothing exciting happened today, or if today just didn't come out, that 'tomorrow is another day' Is that, and tomorrow New is coming.
Knowing about the sure coming of the New puts me 'in the moment.'
If today sucks, why get very upset. There is tomorrow.
No need to waste many emotions on a sucky today.
And traveling, makes feeling the New so easy.
Can't do that at home.
What. A New assignment at work...? C'mon.

It feels so alive to feel the New.
Certainly there is a way to bring that back to my home life, at least in a bottled version, like the tool of a deep breath they offer at yoga classes that also makes you feel good, that lets you cut getting sucked in by the emotions of a sucky day.
Maybe I'll make a fridge magnet: "Today, what's New?"
The scoop of sarcasm, maybe it's unnecessary. Maybe it's possible. Oh, I hope so. I guess time to experiment with it is Now.
I Am back.

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On a long trip there's tomorrow and even more : next week, next month ... the sensation that so many things will happen before the end.
And you're making a good point : how to bring this back to our home life ? That's probably the key to wisdom, happiness and serenity ... Before getting that wise, one good way to "feel the New" may be to plan the next trip ...

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the new life that's starting right NOW !

by Nico

Ah, this is the question the traveler must struggle with the most, my dear.. how to not lose the thrill, the appreciation, the pure joy that comes with waking up to a new adventure every day... how do we see life at home as a new adventure every day?? I think we can, because it's a mindset, an attitude that comes from inside of us, not dependent on our circumstances. It's hard but making it happen is the adventure within itself. :)

Welcome home!!

by Franny

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