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Sleepless in ... Buenos Aires: Tango´s Waking World

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Somehow I am on my week 6 in Buenos Aires.
My sightseeing efforts ended on day 5.
What do I do?, all this time, here.
It feels like a dream.
Yes, it feels like I am floating in some kind of a dreamy world.
Partly, that is because I don´t have time to actually dream.
Funny, but yes, in a period when time is plenty of what I have, I just haven´t made time for sleep.

I have 2 pairs of shoes.
2 very pretty pairs of tango shoes.
I wear the nude colored ones during the afternoon, to the 2 tango classes I take.
The black sparkly ones, I put on at night.
And when I mean night, it´s Buenos Aires time zone.
The night in the tango world begins after 12:30, all of the seven days a week. The band comes on around 2 am. The peak hour hits at 3, and the tango clubs, the milongas, stay open till 5 on weekdays, till 6 on weekends, and yes, they serve breakfast.

Most women dance tango with their eyes closed.
The dance takes place in a very close embrace, and to be able to follow the many intricate moves and weight shifts of the leader, it´s easier to close your eyes.
So I do.
And when I do, I am transported into this dreamy world.
Especially, since I am always sleep deprived.
Right about after 3 am, every dance feels like a descent into Morpheus´ realm, into its mesmerizing sweetness.
And it´s addictive.
I think I am addicted to that feeling, that close your eyes and walk into your partner´s energy field to be twirled and moved, smoothly, to the gorgeous sounds of bandaneon.
And at the milongas, the live orchestras are just incredible.
Typically, 3 guitarists, 3 accordion players, a violinist, a piano -- you feel like you have stepped into a different era, because surely, is this really happening to you?

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only you could describe dancing in such an appetizing way :D

btw, it struck me as a I was reading this that you seem to be having a very Midnight in Paris-esque experience. just make sure you don't get stuck and eventually do come back home

by Inka Pinka

Beautiful text, just as usual ! Sounds like you could come back to BA for a long long time...
I like the comparison that Inka Pinka made with Midnight in Paris, it's so true.
I saw many women dance tango with their eyes closed. Not only it helps them but to follow the leader, but it also gives even more sensuality to the dance, if even needed.
Will you learn to dance folklore in Salta ?

by Nico

Hey Rita, I was wondering what ever happened to you on Aconcagua. I felt a little guilty cajoling you into that! Glad to see you are skipped the big rock and instead went on to enjoy Buenos Aires.

by Ken

Ah, two pairs of tango shoes stuffed into your backpack?! Awesome :)

by Franny

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